Avon Park Camp Association
1001 W Lake Isis, Avon Park FL 33825
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Dr. Tom Hermiz

Greetings in the strong name of Jesus,

I am pleased to report that crosswalks will soon be installed on Lake Isis Road, The city of Avon Park has committed to getting this done for us by June. Many thanks to Tom McCann for working this through with the city engineers.

This has been a really good year for us with an outstanding camp meeting, numerous property improvements and a number of new people attending the camp and Friday night services.

My greatest concern at this time is to reach the place where we can payoff all of our personal loans. We took a strong step in that direction with the sale of the Emmanuel House. Please pray that the Lord will send us a good neighbor to purchase the acre and a half on Rt. 27.

The next six months are the most difficult time of the year for us when it comes to cash flow. Here is a couple of ways you can really help us to meet our weekly financial obligations.

    1. Consider sending a financial gift on a monthly basis. Some have been doing this and it is very helpful.
    2. Send a one time gift during this challenging time of the year.

Please make this a matter of prayer. If the Lord enables you to make a contribution send it to the camp office. 1001 W. Lake Isis Road, Avon Park, FL 33825.

I want to thank you for the generous way have supported the camp. We will look forward to hearing from during these summer months.

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Thomas H. Hermiz

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