Avon Park Holiness Camp


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This year’s theme is “Jesus Needs Me” which is reflected in the chosen Bible verses, in the “Strange Preacher’s Kid asks,” and emphasis quotes from Mother Angelica.

NOTE: Read all of Mother Angelica’s booklet, “Jesus Needs Me,” at


God bless you!

All non-original material is used with permission.

Highlights: Greeting from the President; Meet the Evangelists; Kitchen Crew Pictures
Highlights: "Be Ye Holy"--Dr. Nelson Perdue; 2010 Camp Updates; Profile--Charles and Marie Smith
Highlights: "Never Lose Heart-Keep the Faith!"--Ken Andrews; Profile--Warren and Marilyn Leslie; Women's Auxiliary
Highlights: Missionary Intros; Missionary Prayer Requests
Highlights: Missionary Day Highlights; "Instruments of Peace"--Randy Rupert; Profile--Wade and Phyllis Sirk
Highlights: "On the Battlefield for my Lord"--Dave Engbrecht; Katts Komments--GPS; Profile--Jean Alexander
Highlights: "Christian Joy"--Jack French; Profile--Dave and Dolores Coller
Highlights: "It's in the Attitude"--Randy Rupert; Profile--Dave and Donna Randolph
Highlights: In Memory; "Camp Blessings"--Fran Moore; Support Your Camp; Profile--Lee and Paula Crist
Highlights: President's closing remarks; "Food for Thought"--John Grenfell; Camp Pictures