WOMEN'S AUXILIARY: Avon Park Holiness Camp

Avon Park Camp Association
1001 W Lake Isis, Avon Park FL 33825
Women's Auxiliary

2018 Auxiliary Executive Committee
2018-19 Auxiliary Executive Committee

The Women's Auxiliary supports the camp in over twenty projects, inluding decorating the dormitories, landscaping, providing a nursery during evening services, and serving as greeters.

Perhaps the most important ministry is our prayer ministry: for the camp, for our members, the camp meeting and our leaders; for our communities, our churches, and our missionaries; and yes, for the nation and the world.

Each January a welcoming activity re-introduces the women of the campground to each other and provides a time of fellowship. This year, on January 31 we will have our all day ladies retreat. Renowned author, Carol Kent, will be our speaker. Special music will be Melodee Davis. Carol will be speaking on her new book, "Unquenchable", on how to grow a wildfire faith that will endure anything.

    "Throughout history, God has used the image of fire to represent his awesome power and one day you will stand in God's holy presence and see his burning love for you face to face. Until then there is a life to be lived on earth, and the flame of your faith that once so brightly burned can falter in its storm.

    "Whatever the condition of your faith, whether you burn with a feeble flicker or a growing passion, you can discover how to draw nearer to the heart of God's eternal flame and fan the 'Spirit within you'. Carol Kent takes you into God's Word and into your own story, revealing the true power of the fire God has placed in you....a power that will stir your desire and embolden you to speak wildfires beyond your wildest imagination."

Tickets will be $40.00 for this all day event, and will go on sale in November. There will be a $5.00 discount for tickets purchased in November or December making the cost $35.00. Tickets will be sold after Friday night services. Letters were sent to area churches inviting them to attend this event. If you would like your church to be invited, please let me know. You will need to get your ticket as soon as possible as we will a have cut-off date for sales. THERE WILL BE NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR!

All women are encouraged to be part of the auxiliary, and there are ministries to match each person's talents.