Avon Park Holiness Camp

Here are downloadable copies of the daily newsletters (Higher Ground) for 2018 Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting. Please enjoy and share!

The front pages feature an announcement bar, Wisdom of the Word and Words of Wisdom. The back pages feature a cartoon, the dining hall menu, and The Strange Preacher's Kid.

(All non-original material has been used with permission from the copyright holders.)

Greetings from Dr Hermiz; Forgiveness, Dan Carr
Ladies Auxiliary
Missionaries John-Mark and Susan Brabon and Daniel and Cindy Tolan
Missionaries Steve and Melissa Gross and Jonathan and Lisa Mayo
Take Part in Christ's Work; Speaking of Camp Meeting, Lois Yardumian; Brenda Bartolomeo and Karen Miller
Flag Carrying, Lonzi Wester
Musicians; More, Dr J K Warrick
Speaking of Camp Meeting, part 2, Lois Yardumian; Board members
Congregation; Rooted in Love, Ruth Bowen Hersey
What Makes a Good Hospice? James Boardman; Imogene
Workers; Speaking of Camp Meeting, part 3, Lois Yardumian
ABC's of Thanksgiving, Cindy Blackamore; Norm
Memorials; Those Who Wait, Dawn Batterbee-Miller
Greeting from Dr Hermiz; Leadership Team; Our Great Deliverer, Dr Nelson Perdue
Nurses, Laundry Workers, Higher Ground staff