Avon Park Holiness Camp

Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting Presents


As the papers are released, they are posted online for those unable to attend Camp Meeting, and for those returning home to view and share.

Speakers this year are Dr. Tom Hermiz, Rev. David Gallimore, Rev. Dave Engbrecht, and Bible Teacher, Dr. David Case. Song Leader Burt Kettinger is assisted by organist Dan Greer and Pianist Evelyn Smiley.

We thank Addie Tackett for most of the included pictures.

Each front page includes the Bible verse, any daily emphasis, and a devotional. Each back page includes a comic and Patricia's "The Strange Preacher's Kid," and other submitted articles. Pictures are included throughout.

The Back Pew comics were used with permission of Jeff Larson, cartoonist, www.thebackpew.com

Greeting from Rev. Dean Gilkerson, introduction of musicians, "Holiness Unto Whom" by Ray Bachman
Evangelists, Poem "Holy Spirit, Gentle Dove" by Ruth Jenkins, "Sage Advice"
"Desire to Please God" by Burt Kettinger, "The Potter's Spin" - Potter's House by James Boardman
Nurses, "Unclean!" - Handmaiden for the Lord by Lynda Boardman, Profile: James and Lynda Boardman
"Playing God" by David Gallimore; congregation pic
Bookstore workers, "The Potter's Spin" - Prayer time by James Boardman, "God can't use you?"; Poem "Our Foundation" by Ruth Jenkins
Missionary Day - Missionary Intro and prayer requests
Missionary Day - Missionary prayer requests, continued; "Spirit is the Word" by LaVon Bayler
"Act Your Age" by Dave Engbrecht, Missionary Day Report
Missionary Day Pictures, "A Boy For You" - Handmaiden for the Lord by Lynda Bordman, Hermiz elected president
"Take the Risk" Part 1 by Dr. Tom Hermiz; Skit Members
Profile: Dennis Gerringer, Rahenkamp Kids, "The Potter's Spin" - Hasty Words by James Boardman
"Take the Risk" Part 2 by Dr. Tom Hermiz, "What's In A Brand Name?" by LaVon Bayler, Choir Picture
Ted's Car and other pics, "Value of Prayer" - Handmaiden for the Lord by Lynda Boardman
"Take the Risk" Part 3 by Dr. Tom Hermiz, "Good News" - Handmaiden for the Lord by Lynda Boardman
"The Potter's Spin" - Responding by James Boardman, New Camp Officers
"Peace and Holiness" by Rev. Lee Crist, Poem "If I Could Have Just Anything" by Nancy Stolle Dickerson, Memorial List
"The Homeless Man" by Nancy Stolle Dickerson, "the Potter's Spin" - Righteousness by James Boardman
Thank You, Dean; Welcome Dr. Hermiz; Commissioning Pictures
"Handmaiden for the Lord" - Jesus' Authority by Lynda Boardman