HIS PERSON: Part 5 by former Avon Park Holiness Camp patron, Roy Detwiler


           In this next-to-final installment of the series on the personhood of God, I want to deal briefly with the three big words I mentioned before: Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence.
            It is obvious that public speakers are often afflicted with the virus of verbosity! An old and wise preacher once said that he had three guidelines for public speaking. They were: “stand up, speak up, and then shut up!” As I write this, I am not standing, but I will try to follow his admonition.
            When dealing with Infinity, we dive into water far beyond our depth! When we reach our limit, we have to admit that the Infinite is far more! This is true of all the attributes of God. We must remember that all of His Person is Infinite, in all aspects.
            The prefix of these three words points this out: “omni” means simply “all”!
            The word “Omnipresence” therefore means: all, or everywhere, present. David goes to great length, in Psalm 139, to point out that there is no place whatsoever where he could get away from the presence of God. One statement is rather shocking: “If I make my bed in hell...You are there!” Modern translators point out that the words translated “hell” do not always mean the final place of punishment. However, the very idea of His presence everywhere might suggest that even in the “Lake of Fire” God’s presence would make the anguish that much more unbearable!
            The word makes clear that there is no possibility for one to hide either his presence or his actions from the ever-present God! If you let loose your imagination to include the “science fiction” idea of an alternate universe, or other dimensions, even there God would be present! That is the extent of “infinity”! (mind boggling?)
            The second word, “Omniscience”, encompasses the idea of “all knowledge”. Stretch your mind to infinity to take in this one! Everything that has ever been known or thought of, or ever will be thought of, is completely and always in His knowledge! (Has your mind exploded yet?)
            One is inevitably brought to consider the question, “Is it possible for God to forget? Or is it possible for a human to forget?” (In the sense of “being not conscious of”?) I don’t think so; which makes it necessary for us to re-examine the idea that God can “forget” our forgiven sins! His promise to “forget” simply means that they will never again be brought against us in accusation! And also, when we forgive, as we are commanded, we must never bring it up again!
That does not mean, therefore, that He or we can not be aware of what is “forgotten”. The “forgetting” is a voluntary act of the will to forever consider the thing to have ceased existing!
            The third word, “Omnipotence”, expresses the idea of all potency. Consider it God’s infinite ability to perform what He wills. “For with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)
            By this time, we should know that God is the Sovereign of all that has ever existed, and of all that ever will exist! Let the atheist say what he will; it does not change the truth. There has to be some Mastermind behind the complexity we see all around us. If you believe in evolution; what set the process in motion? And what, or who, provided the elements to set in motion?
            As the Sovereign, He has the ability to make every one of us do whatever He wills! This gives rise to the question, “Why are we told that God has given us choices?” I repeat the statement that God always does what is “right”. In fact, God is the final judge of all that is “right” or “wrong”! If man had not been made “soul”; with the potential of doing what is good, and of spending eternity with our Creator; it would not be wrong for us to have no choice!
            Along with the “rightness” of choice, God is also “right” in warning us not to make the wrong choice! “Let God be right, and many men liars!”

 -- Roy Dettwiler

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