HIS PERSON: Part 2 by former Avon Park Holiness Camp patron, Roy Detwiler


            The same John who wrote, “God is love” also wrote, “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” (I John 1:5) It seems to me that this statement should be followed by an exclamation point: “no darkness at all!”
            As is often the case, in order to understand the positive, “God is light”, it is well to consider its opposite, “What is darkness?” Basically, darkness is the absence of light; which leads me to jump way ahead to say, “If God is light, to be without God would be total darkness!”
            But first let me say that there are several kinds of darkness. There is the darkness of ignorance, for instance. It is interesting that the cartoonist often will portray an unexpected knowledge by a shining light above the head. The light of truth will dispel the darkness of ignorance. It is also true that the darkness of ignorance is deepened by a refusal to face truth.
            There is also physical darkness. There is no darkness more complete than that which one experiences in a closed space with no source of light. It can not only affect the eyes, but can also oppress the spirit. Depriving one of the physical senses is a form of torture.
            There is a darkness of the spirit which may not be Spiritual in the religious sense. It is that which one experiences when one is deprived of hope. It may be physical, or mental, or religious. Perhaps that is splitting hairs, in a sense, because one’s religious condition does have a serious effect upon the physical and the mental. One could get into an animated discussion right here!
            Most of us probably experience what we may call a “dark mood” occasionally. Call it a “depression”? Disappointment or a sense of loneliness can cause this. You may have heard, that when you feel “down” you should look up! The sun is still shining up there somewhere.
            But let’s get back to the positive. “God is light.”
            Because of its serious effect, we usually think of darkness as being evil. “Men love darkness because their deeds are evil!” (John 3:19) From this perspective, one could not accuse God of having any semblance of darkness. (That, by the way, does not preclude another attribute of God - called justice! But we will deal with that at another time.)
            When one is aware of the presence of God, one will naturally have a sense of a lifting of the darkness - whether it is caused by mood, or ignorance, or spirit! This corresponds with the statement that God is light. When the light shines in, the darkness is gone.
            In my second paragraph, I wrote that I was jumping way ahead, so let me go back to that. There is good reason to conclude that God is the very source of light. In the day of creation, God began by saying, “Let there be light!”, and there was light. Since He did not create the sun until later, I have taken a wild stab at supposing that original light was simply an emanation of the essence of God Himself! (Believe it or not!) Sounds good to me.
            In the Spiritual realm certainly, God is the light. As I wrote previously, we know nothing except what God has revealed to us. Just take note of the weird things man has dreamed up when he rejects God, and tries to explain what is without including God! Evolution is just one of them!
            Atheists notwithstanding, only when we turn to God do we find a reasonable explanation for the wonders we see and constantly deal with. If you don’t find Him reasonable, what is your alternative? Chance and happenstance, shining in the darkness? I call that unreasonable!
            If you believe in Jesus, take heed to what He said, (John 8:12), “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

-- Roy Dettwiler

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