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Avon Park Camp Association
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Higher Ground Quarterly eNews

Vol. XII, No. 3
October 2020

From Our President

Greetings in Jesus' name,

I want to assure you that we are planning on a great camp meeting for February 1st through 7th, 2021, with a Pre-Camp Rally Service at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 31st. A full winter program is being planned as usual.

The Board of Directors met on October 8, 2020, to approve plans for dealing with Covid-19. Dale Dorothy and Michael Cowles have been working hard to develop a plan to sanitize our buildings and keep everyone healthy. It is a comprehensive plan that meets the State of Florida requirements. You can review this plan on our web site.

Due to limited space I will just mention a few of the things we are doing to keep people healthy.

  • Ultraviolet lights have been placed in all of the Tabernacle air conditioners.
  • A fogging machine will be used to sanitize the Tabernacle after each service.
  • Special safety measures are being developed for the dining room.
  • Social distancing, masks and hand washing will be expected.
  • Opportunities to get your temperature taken will be available.

Please go to the web site for many more details. We will do all we can to ensure your health so we all can enjoy a great winter in sunny and warm Florida.

Grace and Peace,
--Thomas H. Hermiz

From our Director of Operations

In looking back over the past few months here at the Avon Park Holiness Camp we can’t help but be reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness. There have been several times when hurricanes were headed our way and we thank the Lord that, to date, central Florida has been spared.

During the first half of the rainy season there was less rain than normal, although recently rains have increased with several severe thunderstorms. Of course, rain means lots of grass to mow. We have all missed Norm Lamy this summer in helping to keep the lawns mowed and assist with lots of normal maintenances issues. Several of the men that live here on the grounds have assisted Darrel Ost with these activities. There have been times when most of these men have been gone. We thank the Lord that every time there’s been a maintenance issue arise, there have been volunteers available to assist.

Several people have looked at some of our houses for sale here on the grounds. Two of them are currently in the process of being sold with several still on the market. You can see pictures of those for sale on our web-site.

There will be a few changes here at the camp this fall as a result of the coronavirus. We will be encouraging certain precautions and will be looking for some volunteers to help us with sanitizing procedures, etc.

It has been reported that roughly 950 people move to Florida every day. Some are coming as a result of the coronavirus. Others are coming to avoid high taxes in their cities and states. Some of our Avon Park Camp winter residents are even coming back earlier this year than usual. A few are coming as early as the first part of October. It is always exciting to see our friends coming back to join us for the winter season. “Come on back y’all!”

Dale Dorothy
Director of Operations

From our Treasurer

Dear Avon Park Camp Family,

As Treasurer of Avon Park Camp, I have been so grateful for your faithful giving during this summer of ‘the unknown’. You stepped right up and gave from your loving hearts – Thank You. At this point in time we only have one (1)$5,000.00 loan left to payoff. This also means we will be free from paying loan interest. Praise the Lord who continues to keep His hand on the camp in every area.

Our expenses have been kept to a minimum during the summer but will balloon now as we prepare for the COVID-19 Response Plan. Also, so much of our equipment and facilities are well used and will be needing repairs or replacements. Electric, Insurance and water/garbage/sewer remain major costs without ability for much control. The Lord and you are faithful.

Thank you for all who have prayed for me in the loss of my Brother, Guy (Skip) McCullough, on July 28. He had just told me that he thought the Lord had him here to take care of me and I was basking in that loving care. We had such a special relationship, now I know why years ago a neighbor tagged us Jack and Jill. It’s been hard but your love, prayers, cards, communications, and memorials have all blessed and comforted me.

-- Bonnie Hudson, Treasurer

From our Women's Auxiliary

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Avon Park Camp.

At this point, we are still planning to have our Welcome luncheon with Sherry White as our speaker. She is an evangelist who has been called by God to preach the Word, and helps many in need. She also is a minister of music. The Word comes to life as she delivers a message of hope. We all need to hear some good news of Jesus Christ, through faith in Christ, we are given a Spirit of power, love and discipline; and for that reason, we have nothing to fear.

Thursday, January 28th, 2021, at NOON

We are planning a carry in luncheon this year, so count on bring your favorite salad or dessert. A freewill offering will be collected for our speaker. Dues stay unchanged this year and are $10.00.

"Chat With..."
Thursday, February 11th, 2021
1:00 pm in the Luce Lounge.

Speaker: Wilma Blackwood Ausbrook.

Diana Constance will be leading our Camp Pictorial Directory project this year. More information to follow.

God’s blessing to each of you and remember you are very special and loved.

In the precious name of Jesus,
-- Jean Long, President

Homes For Sale

Check out the homes available on this website, Homes for Sale, then, for more information, call Beverly Cowles at 863-368-1107.


* * * Due to the Covid-19 situation, there will be no Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year. * * *

Note from the Tech Team: Lord willing, the internet should be up and operational by November 1st.

Camp Meeting 2021

The 82nd annual Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting will begin with our Opening Rally on Sunday, January 31st, followed by Missionary Day on Monday February 1st, and continuing through Sunday, February 7th, 2021. Our Evangelists will be Mark Wilson and George Holley, Bible Teacher Jonathan Morgan, and Music Team, Mike and Denise Cork. Brochures will be available soon. Watch our Facebook page for the announcement and download link.

Brenda will be pleased to help you with your reservations. Call her at the office: 863-453-6831

Special Emphases 2021

    Missionary Day -- Monday, February 21st.
    Church of the Nazarene Day -- Tuesday, February 2nd.
    Asbury Theological Seminary Day -- Thursday, February 4th.
    Wesley Biblical Seminary Day -- Thursday, February 4th.
    Healing Service -- Thursday, February 4th.
    Asbury Unieversity Day -- Friday, February 5th.
    CCCU Day -- Saturday, February 6th.
    Memorial Service -- Saturday, February 6th.

Sharing Corner

Please continue in prayer for Marco and Phebe Bartolomeo, Dean and Carol Ellicott, Joann Gamber, Dorothy Luckert, Betty McVety, Betsy Schott, our trustees and leadership team. Please also pray for the leadership of our states, country and the world as we fight covid-19 and in our upcoming elections. Remember especially our missionaries serving in locations that often are unable to provide the level of health care we receive in the United States.

Can you believe our precious Jean Rollings will be 101 on October 15th! Other than very low vision Jean does very well, her mind is excellent and she is still a powerful prayer warrior. If you would like to send a birthday greeting to Jean her address is:

    2008 Geney Street
    Brenham, Texas 77833
Jean welcomes telephone calls up to the day prior to her birthday or any time after at 832-459-1308.

The best time to call is from mid-morning to 1:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. Please allow for Texas time zone when calling.

If you are new to Avon Park Camp, Jean was First Lady for many years.

The Strange Preacher's Kid

"[B]ut in these last days he has spoken to us by a Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom he also created the worlds. He is the reflection of God’s glory and the exact imprint of God’s very being, and he sustains all things by his powerful word.”
-- Hebrews 1:2-3a NRSV

They said "God is dead."

God is our creator and sustainer. He sustains you and me with his power and love. He is, after all, a personal God. Ah! but He also sustains creation in its entirety. All that is came from God. If God were "dead" the earth, the stars, the universe--and you and I--would cease to exist.

-- pab


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