Live Stream Archive 2018

These are Calendar Year 2018 Live-Streamed services listed in chronological order. You will see the date first, then the service (if during camp meeting), then the speaker.

Thank you, Gary Good, for your time and effort in helping us maintain the archives.

Rev John Bartolomeo
John and Priscilla Kunkle
Rev Lane Loman
Diana Furr
The Mark Dubbeld Family In Concert
February 4 - Dr Tom Hermiz
February 5 - Gross and Tolen
February 5 - Mayo and Brabon
February 6 - Dr. Chris Bounds
February 6 - Dr Nelson Perdue
February 6 - Dr J K Warrick
February 7 - Dr Nelson Perdue
February 8 - Dr Nelson Perdue
February 9 - Dr. Chris Bounds
February 9 - Dr J K Warrick
February 9 - Dr Nelson Perdue
February 10 - Dr. Chris Bounds
February 10 - Dr Nelson Perdue
February 10 - Dr J K Warrick
February 11 - Dr. Chris Bounds
February 11 - Dr Nelson Perdue
February 11 - Dr J K Warrick
Rev Ray Bachman
God's Bible School Choir
The Lore Family Concert
Rev Bill and Linda Lewis Gospel Glory
Rev Bark Fahnestock - Ethiopia
Rev Bill Brown
Rev Dale Lilnhart
Rev Dean Gilkerson
Rev Dale Dorothy
Glenna Dorothy
Rev Mark Montgomery
Rev Francis Leonard
Dr Tom Hermiz
Rev Tim Hawk
Billy and Joanna Coppedge - Uganda
Dr Dave Lawson
Dr Timothy Dwyer