Here are downloadable copies of the daily newsletters (Higher Ground) for 2020 Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting. Please enjoy and share!

The front pages contain the Bible verse of the day, a feature article, and more. The back pages feature a cartoon, the dining hall menu, and
The Strange Preacher's Kid.

(All non-original material has been used with permission from the copyright holders.)

Welcome, Leadership, John Sheldrake
Sangers, Schoenhals work
Missionaries, Phil Carney
Ladies' luncheon, Shoenhals Kitchenette
Flag Parade pictures, Lynette Leslie
Homes for Sale, CDs, Westers, Greeters, Earle, Congregation
Musicians, Kids, Dining Hall, Millie Denton
Bullars, Gary & Mary Smith, Dining Hall, Congregation
Congregation, Media booth, Jerry Ausbrook. Back Row, Highway of Holiness
Fellowship Café, Regg, Ellicotts, Carneys
Archive Pics, Linda Six, Missionary display
Paul & Joanne Smith, Poem - Anne Brontë, Archive Pics
Memorial Roll, Barry Long, Dining Hall, Camp Meeting 2021
Donna Johnson, Announcements, Dining Hall
More Memorial, Wilma Ausbrook, Goods, Scotts, Sunset, Morgan Poll
Senior Poem, Announcements